Benjamin Frohlund


Unicorn Engine

My own custom 3D/2D game engine. Made in C++, Featuring:

  • ECS

  • C++ Reflection

  • Directx11

  • Level Editor

Level Editor

Our own in-house game engine editor.
Made it possible to make the games in our own engine without having to rely on third party editors.


Raytraced Audio Occlusion

Real time simulation of sound occlusion.
Made during 8 weeks at 50%

Group Projects

First person shooter inspired by
Call of Duty: Zombies during a live twitch stream.

First person puzzle game in a post apocalyptic laboratory

A Diablo-like game with fast pace and awesome boss fight

Streamer Attacked

Spite: String Of Faith



Top-down action puzzle game


2D action story game with amazing player movement

Limu The Dream Child

A relaxing 2.5D mobile puzzle game with a rich story

Light Line

Tron inspired space rider with alot of neon lights


  • Level Editor

  • Undo/Redo system for editor

  • Prefabs

  • Filewatcher for improved performance

  • Sound


  • Everything involving Boss gameplay

  • Import levels from Unity to
    in-house engine

  • Modelviewer to faster verify assets


  • System to move objects with unity export

  • Gameplay such as:

  • System for digital padlock

  • Viewing documents


  • Enemy AI

  • All player movement and combat


  • Tools for lighting options

  • VFX Tool

  • Json parsing


  • UI for main menu

  • UI for NPC interactions

  • Worked on performance issuse using Unity profiler


  • Animated splash screen

  • Player wall bounce

Made fully in our own in-house engine during 15 weeks at 50%

Made in 10 weeks at 50% partly in Unity as level editor and then exported to our own in-house engine for gameplay

Made in 4 weeks at 50% with partly Unity as level editor while building our own in-house engine

Made in TGE the schools own in-house 3D engine during a 10 week period at 50%

Made in 15 weeks at 50% in the schools own engine

Made fully in Unity at 50% in 4 weeks

Made fully in Unity in 4 weeks at 50%

Project 6
Project 7
Project 5
Project 4
Project 3
Project 2
Project 1

By Aliens Live On


Picture made by Dag Petersen

Picture made by Rasmus Hartonen

Project 8

Titans Battle Arena

Third-person multiplayer pvp game, inspired by Armored core 6.


  • UI

  • Character customization

  • Menus

  • Weapon system

  • Sound

Made in Unreal Engine 5

Mockup picture

About Me

My name is Benjamin Frohlund, and I am a programmer currently studying at The Game Assembly. I have a passion for games, electronics and cars, which are my main hobbies.

As a programmer, I am constantly exploring the world of gaming and striving to create innovative and immersive experiences for players. Through my studies at The Game Assembly, I have gained valuable knowledge and practical experience in game development. I am eager to continue growing as a programmer, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming.

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Tele: +46 707990741